Not long ago, visiting a dermatologist was primarily for those with significant skin issues or celebrities needing flawless skin for their public image. However, times have changed. Thanks to...

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Toyota Finds No New Wrongdoing in Certification Investigation

Toyota Motor (7203.T) announced on Friday that it did not uncover any new instances of misconduct in the certification applications of its car models...

EU Imposes Significant Tariffs on China-Built Electric Vehicles Amid Tensions

The European Union will impose tariffs of up to 37.6% on imports of electric vehicles manufactured in China starting Friday, according to EU officials,...

Shanghai Approves Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Pilot

Shanghai has granted permission for 10 Tesla vehicles to test the company's most advanced autonomous driving software, paving the way for its broader rollout...

Germany Calls for ‘Serious Movement’ from China in EV Tariff Disputev

Germany is urging China to make significant concessions regarding tariffs on imported electric vehicles (EVs). The German government hopes that upcoming negotiations will prevent...

BMW’s Electric Mini Faces Highest EU Tariff, Threatening Sales

BMW's all-electric Mini, manufactured in China, is set to be subjected to the highest EV tariff of 38.1% under the EU's provisional plans, according...


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Everything you need to know about the re-reboot of your favourite childhood flick.

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LUOUPHEI 1.8L Glass Health Pot: Multi-function Tea Maker with Insulation Feature

Indulge in the perfect cup of tea with the LUOUPHEI 1.8L Glass Health Pot. Crafted from thickened glass for durability and safety, this multi-function tea maker is designed to...

IEA: The Decline In Oil Prices Shows That Demand Has Decreased

The International Energy Agency (IAA) stated that the decline in oil prices after reaching almost $100 per barrel indicates that demand has decreased. In...

Gas Prices In Europe Are Climbing Due To Supply Security Concerns

Gas prices in Europe rose 12.5 percent during the day due to the halt of production in the Tamar gas field after the conflict...

Repair Of The Balticconnector Line Is Expected To Take 5 Months

It has been reported that the repair of the Balticconnector pipeline, which provides the natural gas flow between Finland and Estonia and was closed...


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