Megan Fox Moves On: The Cover-Up of Her Ex-Husband’s Tattoo

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Megan Fox, the renowned Transformers star, has taken a significant step forward in her personal journey by removing a tattoo dedicated to her ex-husband, Brian Austin Green. Three years after their split, the 37-year-old actress decided to cover up the tattoo, which featured Brian’s name in cursive on her right pelvis.

The transformation was revealed by Jesse, the owner of SYZYGY Precision Tattooing, who shared a photo on July 11. The image showcased Megan proudly displaying her new tattoo—a captivating design featuring a snake and flowers skillfully inked over the old tattoo dedicated to Brian, who is now 49.

In his caption, Jesse expressed gratitude for the opportunity to work with Megan, stating that he was able to completely conceal the previous tattoo beneath the elegant combination of the snake and flowers. He also expressed appreciation for the art of tattooing and the connections he has made throughout his journey.

Megan’s decision to cover up the tattoo signifies her commitment to moving forward and leaving behind the reminders of her past. It represents a symbolic transformation, allowing her to embrace new beginnings and personal growth.

The title captures the essence of Megan Fox’s journey: “Megan Fox Moves On: The Cover-Up of Her Ex-Husband’s Tattoo.” This story highlights Megan’s empowering choice to evolve and shed the physical representation of her past relationship, embracing a fresh chapter in her life.

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