Macron: Niamey Ambassador In Niger Was Literally Taken Hostage

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French President Macron stated that Niamey Ambassador Sylvain Itte was “literally taken hostage” in Niger. French President Emmanuel Macron told the press during his visit to the village of Semur-en-Auxois: “In Niger, as I speak to you right now, we have an ambassador (Itte) and diplomatic officers who are literally held hostage in the embassy, and food is not allowed to be delivered. With military supplies.” “They are eating,” he said.

The military government, which took power in Niger on July 26, gave 48 hours to French Ambassador to Niamey, Sylvain Itte, to leave the country on August 25, but Ambassador Itte did not leave the country.

“Ambassador” Crisis Between France And Niger

According to the news in AA, France announced that “the military junta is not an authority that can demand the departure of the French ambassador.” Thereupon, the Niger Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced in a note sent to the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs on August 31 that Ambassador Itte’s immunity had been lifted and that he would be deported.

After the note, strict security measures were taken around the French Embassy in Niamey and vehicles entering and leaving the embassy began to be checked by Niger security forces. Likewise, security was increased around the air base named “Niamey 101” in the capital, where French soldiers are stationed.

It is known that the military administration, who could not enter the French Embassy in Niamey in accordance with the diplomatic immunity provided by the Vienna Convention, wanted to “catch” Ambassador Itte, whose immunity was canceled, outside the embassy building. The exact whereabouts of Ambassador Itte, who is still in Niger, is unknown.

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