Identification Efforts For Those Killed In The Floods In Libya Have Begun

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Work continues to remove the bodies from under the rubble and from the sea in Derne, which was most affected by the flood. The National Unity Government (UBH) in Libya announced that identification efforts have begun for those who lost their lives in the flood that hit the east of the country on September 10. Work to identify those who lost their lives in the flood has also begun. In this context, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Disaster Victim Identification Team (DVI) came to Derne and evaluated the situation with the authorities. In the statement made on the Facebook page “Our Government” affiliated with UBH, it was stated that DVI was the first team sent by Interpol.

Interpol Will Send Teams From Other Countries

According to the news in AA, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which is affiliated with UBH, announced that the Interpol General Secretariat will send a team from other countries to Libya for identification.

In the statement, it was noted that these studies will be carried out in coordination with the Arab and International Criminal Police Office affiliated with the Ministry of Internal Affairs. DVI consists of experts in genetics, dentistry, forensic medicine and other technical fields.

In the first days of the flood in Libya, many bodies were buried without identification. The Ministry of Internal Affairs, affiliated with the government in eastern Libya, took photographs of the buried people and shared them on a special internet platform so that their families could later identify them. In the following days, the bodies were buried after DNA samples were taken for matching.

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