Alfa Romeo 4C Could Be Replaced By An Electric Model

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We express our admiration for Alfa Romeo’s 4C model at every opportunity. In fact, one of our editors, Cihan Demir, wrote an article in which he looked into the model’s past. The Italian wonder, which has not been among us for a long time, may appear again in the future. Years and the changing automotive industry have also changed the iconic Italian. Alfa, which has become a profitable company once again with Tonale, can start its project as a continuation of 4C.

Speaking to the Autocar team at the launch of the 33 Stradale, Alfa Romeo product manager Daniel Guzzafame made important statements. Stating that the legendary model may return as “electric”, the manager also said that the vehicle may be named “Spider”. “There are some things we will never finish at Alfa Romeo. One of them is the Spider, and one is our love for cars. We want to continue these in every way. We will have some work on this issue in the future.”

There are already rumors that the new Spider will carry the 4E logo. We don’t know if a zero-emission Spider model will please hardcore Alfa enthusiasts. On the other hand, Guzzafame closes the issue by saying that these “things” are still in the early stages. “When you think of Spider, you immediately think of Alfa Romeo. We have now managed to reach the financial position to be able to do these projects. The main thing is to make sure that we are reliable and sustainable in doing this and not to launch something just for the sake of doing it.”

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