How Does Tesla’s cheapest electric car look like?

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Based on the clues in Walter Isaacson’s biography of Elon Musk, designers revealed the appearance of the cheapest electric car that Tesla is preparing to launch. We have been hearing news for a while that Tesla will launch a $25,000 electric car that will appeal to the mass market. Although company officials have not yet shared clear details on this issue, new information continues to come about the cheapest model in Tesla history.

The designers of the website imagined what the vehicle could look like. Of course, while preparing the rendered images in question, Walter Isaacson’s recently published Elon Musk biography book was taken into consideration. Because Isaacson’s book gives clues about what kind of design the car will have.

Elon Musk Liked The Concept Model Very Much

There are statements in the book that Tesla’s most affordable model will largely reflect the design of Cybertruck and that the exterior of the vehicle will be as futuristic as possible. According to Isaacson, Musk was shown a concept model of the $25,000 car in February. It is stated that Elon Musk liked the design very much and said, “When this vehicle turns the corner, people will think they saw something from the future.”

The affordable Tesla is depicted with a Cybertruck-inspired appearance in the rendered images. We can say that it resembles the company’s electric pick-up, especially with its angular lines and thin LED headlights. The silhouette of the car looks as aerodynamic as possible, and the door handles are recessed into the body for less air resistance.

Range Information Was Also Leaked

The new vehicle will be one step below the Model 3 in Tesla’s product range. It was speculated that the car would be called Model 2, but later Elon Musk denied this information. Technical details are not yet clear, but there is information that it will offer a range of around 400 kilometers.

Production of the cheapest model in the Tesla series is expected to start between 2024 and 2025. Production will begin first at the Giga Texas factory in Austin. The cheapest Tesla will later be produced in China, Mexico and possibly India, where Tesla plans to build a new factory.

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