Xiaomi’s First Car May Have A Range-Extending Hybrid System

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New news continues to come from local media about the first car developed by Chinese technology giant Xiaomi. The model, which is expected to bear the name Modena, is planned to be introduced at the end of this year. New news continues to come about Xiaomi’s highly anticipated electric car. This time, the news shows that the car, which is expected to be released under the name Modena, will not only have a 100% electric version.

According to information from local sources, Xiaomi Modena, in addition to being offered in two different 100% electric versions, can also be preferred with a hybrid version called EREV, that is, range extender. For this reason, it is stated that the company has started to employ engineers who will develop a range increasing system.

At the entry level of battery electric versions, BYD’s Blade batteries with 400V electrical architecture will be used. At the upper level, the 800V Qilin battery of the world giant CATL will be used and the battery capacity in this version will be 101 kWh. Apart from this, it is said that the range-extending hybrid version mentioned above will also be offered to customers. It is stated that in this version, a 1.5 liter atmospheric or 1.5 liter turbo gasoline engine will be combined with a large battery.

EREV models serve as a bridge between rechargeable hybrids and 100% electric vehicles in the automobile world. These cars again move forward only with the power of the electric motor. The internal combustion engine is used to charge the battery like a generator while driving. Of course, it is also possible to charge the battery in these cars by plugging it in.

In fact, the EREV option is a safe step for Xiaomi. Vehicles with range extender systems are also more cost-effective as they do not require as large batteries as battery electric vehicles. In addition, as a usage scenario, it gives confidence to the user by giving him more options regarding charging and range. One of the biggest reasons why electric cars are still not preferred today is range anxiety.

It’s been two years since Xiaomi announced that it would develop and produce an electric car. Images and spy photos of the Chinese manufacturer’s car have appeared many times. According to local media, Xiaomi produces 50 prototypes per week in its factory in Beijing. Xiaomi Modena, which will face fierce competitors such as Tesla Model 3 and BYD Seal when launched.

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