Is This The End Of The Road For Windows 11 Version?

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It’s the end of the road for Windows 11 21H2 version. 21H2, the operating system’s first feature update, will no longer be supported. Microsoft has been trying to switch its users to Windows 11, the most up-to-date operating system, for many years. Wanting to make Windows 11 more advantageous in this regard, the company stops supporting older versions of the operating system. Windows 11 21H2 package is now shelved.

Update From Windows 11 21H2

Microsoft announced that it will stop providing security updates and support for Windows 11 version 21H2 starting this month. Released in late 2021, this package was one of the first feature updates to debut for Windows 11. According to the statement shared by the company, the latest security update for 21H2 will be available through Windows Update in October. From now on, Microsoft will stop providing monthly security and preview updates for the version.

The software giant started to warn 21H2 users about this issue. It invites users to update their operating systems to 22H2 to continue receiving both security and feature packages. However, Windows Update will automatically upgrade users in the coming months. Microsoft’s new move marks the end of two years of support for the first version of Windows 11. To find out the Windows 11 version, you can type “About Your Computer” in the “Search” section and check it from the menu that appears.

On the other hand, the usage rates of Windows 11 are not at the desired level. Two years after its release, Windows 11 appeals to less than 25 percent of the desktop market share, according to the latest data. So, what do you think about this issue? Don’t forget to share your opinions with us in the comments section!

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