Jessica Simpson Addresses Weight Loss And Denies Ozempic Use

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Jessica Simpson recently spoke out to address speculations surrounding her weight loss journey, denying the use of Ozempic, a diabetes and anti-obesity medication. In an interview with Bustle, Simpson clarified that her transformation was the result of willpower, not medication.

Facing public scrutiny, the 42-year-old star expressed her frustration at the ongoing body scrutiny she has endured throughout her career. Despite the hurtful comments, Simpson emphasized that she will not let the negativity derail her. She stated, “I am too connected to myself right now to let that derail me. It doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hurt.”

Simpson acknowledged that her weight fluctuations have been influenced by various factors, including past struggles with alcohol abuse and side effects from medication for her mental health. However, she shared her gratitude for experiencing different sizes, as it has helped her understand her audience and maintain a positive mindset.

The singer-turned-entrepreneur emphasized that her body transformation was a result of her own determination and dismissed assumptions about her returning to unhealthy habits or considering another pregnancy. Simpson stated, “My body can’t do it.”

Setting the record straight, Simpson’s candid interview highlights her resilience in the face of criticism and her commitment to staying connected with herself. Through her journey, she aims to inspire and empower others while remaining focused on her personal growth.

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