Lady Gaga Praises Britney Spears and Speaks Out on Treatment of Women in the Music Industry

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At the House of Gucci premiere, Lady Gaga took the opportunity to discuss Britney Spears’s triumph in her conservatorship battle, and Spears expressed her gratitude towards Gaga. Gaga criticized the treatment of Spears and women in the music industry, stating that Spears will forever be an inspiration to women.

In an interview with Variety, Gaga expressed her willingness to collaborate with Spears and praised her for showcasing power in her sexuality, which inspired and empowered many young women. She emphasized that Spears herself was the catalyst for the change in her life, and she wished her the best for the future.

Following Gaga’s kind words, Spears thanked her on Instagram, expressing her gratitude and stating that Gaga’s words made her cry. Gaga responded with love and support, acknowledging Spears’s bravery and the impact she has had on the industry, stating that Spears has changed the course for women in the music industry forever.

In addition to the heartwarming exchange, Spears called out fellow Mickey Mouse Club member and ’90s pop star Christina Aguilera for her evasive response to a question about Spears being freed from her conservatorship.

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