Line Of Duty Netflix Detective Series, Season 6 Is On The Way

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The Line of Duty Netflix series is a must-watch for detective drama lovers. The series is a British drama and takes place in and around Birmingham in general. Line of duty Netflix series upset the ratings in the UK detective series rankings and settled at the top.

What is Line Of Duty about?

Line of duty stars Detective Steve Arnott (Martin Compston), a former authorized firearms officer who leads an operation to catch an Islamic terrorist who wants to detonate a bomb. The assault team accidentally enters the wrong apartment and shoots an unarmed, innocent man to death. In the ensuing investigation, Arnott refuses to cover up for negligence in the planning and execution of the raid and is no longer able to work in his unit, Arnott is transferred to AC-12, a unit tasked with exposing police corruption.

Arnott is a commendable undercover D.C. officer with a keen investigative instinct. He is partnered with Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure). They work under the supervision of Chief Inspector Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar), one of several Senior Investigative Officers responsible for uncovering corruption within the police force. Throughout the series, AC-12 investigates seemingly different cases involving corrupt police officers, and although each series seems to have a separate plot, there is a tie between the seasons.

What does Line of Duty mean?

The question of what Line of duty means, I am sure, is a question that many people who watch this series are curious about. Line of duty means line of duty. In the series, the struggle of the policemen of the anti-corruption unit, who are devoted to their duties, is told.

When is Line of Duty season 6?

We know this is the question on your mind when Line of duty 6th season will be released. The BBC has confirmed that the series will air in early 2021 and is expected to air in February or March. The show’s creator and writer, Jed Mercurio, has released a new still from the series to celebrate the event, with filming wrapping up at the end of November.

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