10 Countries That Grant Residence Permit

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What should you do to live abroad, own a house and then get citizenship? What are the countries and conditions that give a residence permit to the home buyer? Within the scope of the most popular residence programs of 2017, we have prepared our list of countries that allow residence permits for you. Below, you can find the countries that gave residence permits by purchasing the most preferred house by foreign investors in 2017 and their capital amounts.

Here are 10 countries that give residence permit to those who buy a house abroad;

1. Greek Residence Permit

When you buy a house worth 250 thousand Euros or more in Greece, a 5-year residence permit can be obtained. The program, in which a 5-year residence permit is obtained by purchasing real estate in Greece, is called the “Goldan Visa”. The number of participants from Turkey to the program, which has been implemented since 2014, is increasing every year. Turkey is in the third place in the list of those who receive a residence permit within the scope of the “Golden Visa” program in Greece. Having a residence permit in Greece;

• Families can include their parents in their Greek residence permit application.

• Children can use their right of residence until the age of 21.

• Those who have a residence permit in Greece can have the right to travel in EU countries without a visa.

2. Malta Residence Permit

Malta is a member state of the European Union. Malta residence permit offers investors opportunities to live, work and study in many European Union member countries and Switzerland. In addition, a person who has a residence permit in Malta by benefiting from the Malta investor program can travel visa-free to 167 countries, including Schengen countries and the United States. There are 4 different investment program requirements for Malta residence permit application. The investor gets a residence permit by choosing the most suitable one for him. You can obtain a Malta residence permit by choosing one of the following programs.

To make a grant of at least 650 thousand Euros to the Maltese government

Buying a house in Malta worth at least 350 thousand Euros.

Renting a house with a commitment of 5 years. The annual amount of the house to be rented must be at least 16 thousand Euros.

Investing in Maltese government bonds with a maturity of 5 years worth 150 thousand Euros.

3. Portugal Residence Permit

Portugal offers two different options for foreign investors. First of all, foreigners who buy a house worth at least 500 thousand Euros have the right to travel in the Schengen area without a visa. Foreign investors who establish a business in Portugal that provide employment to at least 10 Portuguese citizens are also granted a residence permit. For a permanent residence permit, it is necessary to have resided in the country for 5 years.

4. Residence Permit in Spain

According to the law that gives a residence permit to foreign investors who buy real estate in Spain, the conditions are as follows;

Foreigners who buy real estate worth 160 thousand Euros in Spain are entitled to a residence permit and visa-free travel. Those who will buy a house in Spain worth at least 160 thousand Euros both invest and have the right to travel in Europe without a visa. Citizenship can be applied for after 10 years of residence in Spain.

Those who have an indefinite residence permit in Spain do not have to live in Spain. It is enough for them to enter Spain once a year. With the temporary and permanent residence permits given to those who buy a house in Spain, it is possible to have the right of free movement in the entire Schengen area.

5. Dominican Republic Residence Permit

The official language of the Dominican Republic, located on the island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean, is Spanish. The Dominican Republic also grants a residence permit and then citizenship to those who buy real estate within the borders of the country. Dominik has 2 separate application requirements for the residence permit applicant and the applicant’s spouse and children:

Those who meet the investment requirement of 100 thousand dollars given to a single person or 200 thousand dollars for those who want to obtain a residence permit in the Dominican Republic with their spouse and children, where the application to be made by the investor covers only the investor, is the owner of the Dominican Republic residence permit.

6. Canadian Residence Permit

The minimum investment amount for Canada’s residence permit is 400 thousand dollars. However, the applicant also has to have a guarantee of 800 thousand dollars in the bank. Similar to the USA, Canada also grants the right to naturalize those who have lived in the country for a certain period of time.

7. Hungarian Residence Permit

Hungarian residence permit can be obtained for 1 year. For a 1-year residence permit, there is a requirement to purchase real estate worth 40 thousand Euros. With an investment of 400 thousand Euros, there is the right to apply for a permanent residence permit in Hungary directly, and then you can become a citizen of the European Union.

8. Latvia Residence Permit

Located in Northern Europe and a member of the European Union, Latvia is one of the most advantageous countries in terms of residence permit conditions. With your Latvian residence permit, you have the right of free movement in the Schengen countries. The basic condition for a residence permit by investment in Latvia is to buy real estate worth 143 thousand Euros if it is to be obtained from big cities, and at least 71 thousand Euros if it is to be purchased from rural areas. In the country, the official language of which is Latvian, Russian is also widely spoken due to the large number of Russian population.

9. Macedonian Residence Permit

Foreigners who buy real estate worth 40 thousand Euros have a one-year residence permit. The Macedonian State grants a 1-year residence permit to those who buy a house worth 40 thousand Euros to encourage foreign investors. Foreigners who have lived in Macedonia for 3 years without interruption can obtain a permanent residence permit in Macedonia.

10. Irish Residence Permit

Located in Northwest Europe, the country is among those who have decided to open its doors to foreign investors by buying real estate and granting residence permits in order to alleviate its economic distress. The Irish Government requires foreign investors to purchase real estate worth 400 thousand Euros in order to grant a residence permit.

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