Europe Takes Action For Electricity Generation In Space

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The European Space Agency is taking action to produce space-based solar energy. If the plan is approved in today’s meeting, the energy from the Sun will be transmitted wirelessly to the Earth and from there to the houses.

The European Space Agency (ESA) will approve a three-year study this week to see if massive solar installations in space can operate and be affordable. According to the information in TRT Haber, the ultimate goal is to have giant satellites in orbit, each of which can produce the same amount of electricity as a power plant.

ESA’s Governing Council Will Consider The Idea At Paris Headquarters Today.

As various organizations and other space agencies explore the idea, the Solaris initiative will be the first to lay the groundwork for a practical plan to develop a space-based renewable energy generation system. Josef Aschbacher, ESA’s managing director, told BBC News he believes solar power from space can be of “enormous” help to address future energy shortages.

“We need to move to carbon-neutral economies and therefore change the way we generate energy, and especially reduce the fossil fuel portion of our power generation. If you can do it from space, which if we can, because we’re not there yet, that would be absolutely great because it would solve a lot of problems.”

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