European Union Introduces New Rules For Artificial Intelligence Products

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The European Union has prepared new rules that will increase the responsibilities of companies that develop artificial intelligence software and products and make them pay compensation to those who are harmed by these products.

The European Union (EU) Commission has announced proposals for regulations that will bring new responsibilities to manufacturers of modern technological products such as artificial intelligence, unmanned aerial vehicles and smart home appliances.

Accordingly, the EU’s product liability rules will be updated. Manufacturers will have to compensate for damage and damage caused by their unsafe products. Those who produce robots, drones or smart home systems will also be included in this scope.

Consumers who have suffered damage due to imported and unsafe products will be able to claim compensation from the importer company or the representative of the manufacturer in the EU. The burden of proof for victims will be alleviated in legal processes on complex issues such as artificial intelligence.

In case of damage due to software such as artificial intelligence-assisted drones, robots or automated recruitment algorithms, it will be easier to file a claim for compensation. The approval of the European Parliament (EP) and member states is required for the regulation proposals to enter into force. The current EU product liability rules were drawn up 40 years ago. These rules did not cover the various new areas that new technologies were opening up.

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