New York Attorney General’s Office claims Trump overstated his wealth by up to $2.2 billion

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The New York Attorney General’s Office claimed that former US President Donald Trump overestimated his one-year personal fortune by up to $2.2 billion. Prosecutors argued that Trump overestimated his personal wealth between 2011 and 2021 in the $250 million lawsuit filed against Trump, his children, and the Trump Organization, NBC News reported. Prosecutors, in documents submitted to the New York Supreme Court, stated that Trump disclosed his fortune by $ 812 million to $ 2.2 billion more than it should be each year.

His prosecutors demanded that it be taken into account that Trump has used documents to display his wealth in many “false or misleading” ways for business-related transactions. It was cited by prosecutors as Trump’s overestimation of the golf course in Scotland. Trump’s lawyer did not respond to the allegations, describing the prosecutors’ activities as a “witch hunt.” New York Attorney General Letitia James sued Trump, some of her children, and the Trump Organization for $250 million.

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