Adgager Receives Investment Over $6.6 Million Valuation

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Adgager, which provides end-to-end market research solutions using technology, has completed its investment round with a valuation of 6.6 million dollars. Here are the details about the investment of the online marketing research company Adgager!

With the investment made by REM People, which was established in Turkey and provides artificial intelligence-based image recognition technologies and retail analytics services to more than 50 countries, Adgager has expanded its global growth target.

REM People Allocates 4.5 Million Dollars To Startups

REM People was founded in 2015 by techno-entrepreneurs with retail and technology experience. After REM People was founded, it became a new generation retail analytics company that offers AI-powered omni-channel retail analytics and 6-step sales efficiency solutions. REM People, which serves leading brands in its field with software developed entirely by Turkish engineers, started to implement a plan to support the entrepreneurial ecosystem after receiving a 12 million dollar investment from the US-based investment company Ethos Asset Management at the beginning of this year. REM People has set aside funds to invest $4.5 million in 5 technology startups it can work with. As the first step towards this goal, REM People invested $1 million in B2B e-commerce application Hoopla last month.

Growing with the goal of becoming an artificial intelligence-based retail technology center, REM People’s new investment is Adgager, which provides research solutions to important brands. Adgager, which set out with the support of ITU in 2016 and realized successful projects in its first year by becoming a company in 2017, increased its turnover by 400 percent in 2022 compared to the previous year, with the solutions it developed. Adgager, which managed to ‘exit’ its investors for the pre-seed investments it received during this period, continues to grow with the end-to-end market research solutions it has developed.

Adgager Plans To Expand To The Global Market

Adgager, which has accomplished valuable projects in the research sector with more than 90 thousand users, has served as an insight partner to many brands with more than 1500 projects since its establishment. The company, which wants to move forward with new targets in 2024, plans to cross the borders of the country with this new investment. Adgager CEO Umut Vural states that the partnership with REM People is a big step for projects that make a difference in the sector, and explains their growth targets after the new investment:

“It is a very important chance for us to be producing value in the same sector as REM People and the intersections of our vision. We want to introduce artificial intelligence to the research journey we have developed with our common goals and cooperation. We are pursuing a revolution for the research world. We will make a quick start to 2024 with our growth targets and new projects. Our first goal is to implement AdQ, which measures and reports all commercials that are currently broadcast on traditional and digital channels, on users independently of the brand, with an automation system.”

Adgager, which wants to create reference points with unique measurement systems for the advertising industry with AdQ and to walk towards global targets together with REM People, will continue its current efforts to exist in 2 different countries in 2024.

REM People CEO Bülent Peker stated that with Adgager, their second investment after Hoopla, they will develop the online research market with artificial intelligence and deep learning:

“In line with our growth plan, REM People will be a center that offers integrated solutions based on artificial intelligence. While accelerating our global expansion and new product efforts in our field, we also invest in start-ups and technology initiatives where we can offer complementary solutions together. With Adgager, we are one step closer to this goal. We believe that the success of Adgager will go beyond the borders of Türkiye.”

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