Flood Disaster In Eastern Libya: More Than 2 Thousand People Lost Their Lives

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Osama Hammad, the “Prime Minister of the government” in eastern Libya, said that the number of deaths in the flood in the city of Derna exceeded 2 thousand. Isam Abu Zeribe, Minister of Internal Affairs of the government in eastern Libya, said that the bodies of more than 1,500 people who lost their lives due to heavy rains in the city of Derna were found, and the number of missing people reached 7 thousand.

On the other hand, Derne Municipal Council Member Ahmed Emdur, in his statement on his Facebook page, stated that many buildings and residences in Derna were completely flooded; He stated that the infrastructure was washed away by flood waters, main roads were destroyed, and there were significant losses in public and private properties.

Call For International Intervention

“Derne has become a ruined city. We urgently need international intervention.” Emdur said, “Sea routes need to be opened urgently. Because all the land routes reaching the city have been destroyed, there is only one road left. It is difficult to pass through that.” used the phrases.

United Nations (UN) Libya Humanitarian Aid Coordinator Georgette Gagnon, in her post on the social media platform He stated that he assigned the emergency response team.

Gagnon said the storm and severe flooding caused loss of life; He stated that it caused heavy damage in dozens of cities and villages.The UN official called on all local, national and international partners to provide urgent humanitarian assistance to those suffering during this difficult time.

Rainfall Amount “Highest In 40 Years”

Libyan National Unity Government Spokesperson Muhammed Hammude made a statement on his social media account after the extraordinary cabinet meeting held due to the flood disaster in the east of the country.

Hammude stated that meteorological data showed that the amount of rainfall recorded in Jabal al-Ahdar regions was approximately 400 millimeters, and this amount was the highest rainfall amount recorded in Libya for more than 40 years.

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