Advice For Men Having Premature Ejaculation Problems

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If you are one of those men who say they ejaculate prematurely and this is a problem for you and your partner, it would be beneficial for you to consider the following recommendations.

The problem of premature ejaculation is actually just one of the problems related to ejaculation. For example, late ejaculation is also a problem, so the question “to whom it is early” actually depends on the duration of pleasure for you and your partner.

These types of problems essentially have different causes. One is psychological reasons and the other is physiological reasons. One is not easier to explain than the other, so let’s start with the psychology part.


Perhaps the strongest example of the reward mechanism in our brain and the happiness it creates is orgasm; But in terms of the reaction in the brain, this is not much different from smoking, drinking or good news. At the same time, when our brain receives such warnings, it does not just say “okay, I ejaculated”, but also takes the time passed until that moment, the environment, and other physical factors and processes them as a package. As a very, very shallow example; If the temperature is 37 degrees every time you make love, you may experience erection or delayed ejaculation problems when you enter a 25-degree environment.

So far so good, but the most useful information comes now. When you masturbate, you train your brain to certain conditions. Due to our living and cultural conditions, masturbation is a secret situation that no one should ever see/know about. I’m not going into the differences in male-female size anyway, but the situation is unpleasant anyway. Therefore, the important things in the mind of a masturbating teenager are:

– I won’t make any noise

– I’ll finish it as quickly as possible so I don’t get caught.

A typical man has been masturbating since the age of 13, and after engraving the feeling of “let’s ejaculate as soon as possible” into his brain for 5 years, when he makes love with a partner, the brain triggers immediate ejaculation out of habit. I will explain the pleasure part of the job in the physiology section.

Another important point from a psychological perspective is the stress this problem creates in the mind. Performance anxiety, anxiety of the unknown environment, feeling that the partner is not supportive and similar reasons are things that directly affect the mechanism of orgasm. Unfortunately, these parts are not something that can be solved with a specific suggestion, you need to set up your environment yourself depending on what you are looking for. Don’t compromise on anything you don’t enjoy or aren’t comfortable with.


My main suggestion in this section is to research and learn how what you have works. Learning the reasons and working mechanisms of the two or three recommendations I will write here will be more useful to you than reading a 2-minute entry. If you are interested in women, learn about the vagina as well. If you are interested in men, it would be beneficial for you to learn how the other party enjoys it.

– The nerve endings of the penis are concentrated mostly at the head. That’s why things like taking it all are relatively in the background in the man’s pleasure mechanism.

– Many engineers will have an explanation in their minds, but how much surface area moves is also important to trigger the orgasm mechanism. More simply, if you are going in and out for a long time each time you go in and out, ejaculation will be triggered earlier.

– Breath control is very important. Don’t listen to those who tell you to breathe quickly; The more comfortably and deeply you breathe, the easier it will be for you to control yourself. You can best practice this on your own, that is, try to breathe calmly while masturbating, slow down if you notice that you are speeding up.


The sooner you train your brain to ejaculate, the sooner you will ejaculate. Changing the way you masturbate is one idea; But most importantly, use masturbation as a practice tool. Do it for 15 minutes every day, but don’t ejaculate, for example. Remember, you are trying to break the orgasm habits that come with masturbation, so it will be beneficial to delay your own orgasm as much as possible or not experience it.

talk to your partner. If he’s not willing to talk or worse, makes negative comments about your performance, let him go, I’m serious. Don’t let a person in your life who is a hindrance rather than support in such a special matter. Masturbating until your next partner is much better than years of erection or ejaculation problems.

Advice That You Can Consult With An Expert

– Learn How Your Penis Works

– Do Kegel Exercises

– Do Exercises To Ejaculate Late, Control Your Breathing

– Talk To Your Partner, And If Necessary, Talk To A Therapist. This Problem Is Very Difficult To Solve Without Talking And An Understanding Partner Is Essential.

– Missionary And Cowgirl Positions Are Good Positions To Try And Start With The Things I Mentioned. The Main Point Is To Try To Move Minimally, If You Want To Save The Day. Don’t Say “How Will I Control The Tempo In Cowgirl”, My Heart Will Break.

– Finally, Please Don’t Focus On Football Match / Bill Account Or Whatever In Your Mind.

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