Europe Will Be Fully Electric By 2030

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Nissan CEO Uchida Makoto made an important statement that Europe will transform fully into electric vehicles (EV). Uchida emphasized the increasing interest in electric vehicles and said, “the final solution, there is no turning back.” CEO Uchida also said: “EV is the ultimate mobility solution. More than one million customers have joined our journey and experienced the joy of the Nissan electric vehicle.” This shows that electric vehicles are increasing in popularity among users. Yokohama-based Nissan announced that it will make all new model vehicles for sale in Europe fully electric by 2030. This reflects a company commitment to sustainable mobility.

Previously, Nissan announced that it aims to expand its global product range by 2030 and that this expansion will include 27 new electric models, 19 of which will be fully electric. This shows that the electrification trend in the automotive industry is advancing rapidly and shows that Nissan is determined to lead this trend. Going fully electric in Europe could be an important step in terms of environmental sustainability and energy efficiency. This change aims to reduce the environmental impacts of the transition from fossil fuels to electric vehicles.

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