Volvo Will End Diesel Production In 2024

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Volvo, which aims to sell only electric cars by 2030, will end its production of diesel-powered vehicles as of the beginning of 2024. Automotive manufacturers said goodbye to internal combustion models and determined the road map for electric vehicles in order to reduce the effects of climate change. Swedish automobile manufacturer Volvo, which aims to sell only electric models by 2030, is ending diesel production. In the statement made by Volvo, it was said: “After a few months, the last Volvo car with a diesel engine will be produced.”

One Of The 3 Vehicles Sold Is Electricly Assisted

One of the three models sold by the brand last month were fully electric or hybrid vehicles. The share of diesel engines in the 2019 sales of Volvo, the majority of which is owned by the Chinese automotive giant Geely, was 58 percent. Last month, this rate dropped to 8.9 percent in the brand’s sales. In 2015, the share of diesel sales in the European automobile market was over 50 percent. This rate has decreased to 14 percent today.

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