The First Official Image Of The New Chery Fengyun T11 Was Shared

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Chinese automotive manufacturer Chery produces its cars under certain series such as Tiggo, Arrizo, Omoda. The Fengyun series, which is the subject of our news, is one of these and will consist of new energy vehicles (PHEV + BEV). Chery has now shared the first official image of the new model of this series, Fengyun T11.

Fengyun T11, one of the six new vehicles that Chery will introduce by the end of 2024, will have a PHEV, that is, a rechargeable hybrid system. Technical details are not yet clear, but we know that the car will have the Kunpeng Super Performance Electric Hybrid C-DM system. This system combines a hybrid engine, transmission and an advanced battery management system.

This design of the Chery Fengyun T11 is very close to production, but the final version of the car will be shared in 2024. The front part of the SUV, which looks close to the Tiggo 9 Pro in terms of size, draws attention with its high nose, thin headlights, illuminated logo in the middle of the closed grille and the light signature consisting of horizontal stripes. The sensor on the windshield is also an indication that the car is equipped with advanced driver assistance technologies.

When we look at the hybrid SUV from the side, the high shoulder line and large dual-colored wheels immediately catch the eye. A roof line that seems to float in the air has been created with black B, C and D pillars. The position of the hidden door handles in the Fengyun T11, where cameras are used as digital mirrors instead of traditional side mirrors, also shows that the rear doors open backwards, and it is possible that these two features will change in the production version.

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