2023 Skoda Enyaq RS Enters The New Year By Increasing Its Range

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Skoda continues to actively develop the Enyaq Coupe RS family. The model was provided with new technical data in its second year. Both the coupe and standard versions of the family will offer more power and more range as of this year.

Both models will experience an increase in output by 40 hp as of this year. Dual-engine models will now produce 335 hp. This is enough to make both models the most powerful models in Skoda’s product range. The 0-100 km/h acceleration of electric models is also affected by this power increase, reducing approximately 1 second. Models now complete this acceleration in 5.5 seconds.

The increase in power in electric cars prevents range problems, but such a situation did not occur in the new Enyaq family. Czech engineers even somehow increased the efficiency of the engine. In this way, the standard RS model increased its range by approximately 24 km to 541 km. The coupe version will increase by 26 kilometers and offer a range of 547 kilometers.

The changes are not limited to just this. Skoda has also strengthened the fast charging capabilities of its vehicles. Models will be able to offer 175 kW fast charging support as of this year. According to the manufacturer’s statements, this change reduces the time it takes for the 10-80 percent charging range to be filled by approximately 8 minutes. Skoda aims to introduce the second generation of Enyaq in 2025.

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