Bitcoin Will Be More Secure Than Gold and Silver

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Cryptocurrency analyst James predicted on his YouTube channel InvestAnswers that Bitcoin (BTC) will surpass gold and silver, which are considered safe haven assets worldwide, in the medium and long term. James stated that the market value of BTC will exceed the market value of gold and silver. He stated that Bitcoin’s price cannot be easily manipulated like precious metals. James said that it is difficult to determine whether what exists for gold represents the gold of what is received in paper form, but Bitcoin’s status is much easier to prove and audit.

Therefore, he stated that he sees Bitcoin as a more reliable asset. According to the analyst, silver is no longer considered a safe haven asset. He noted that Bitcoin’s transparency could lead it to surpass gold in the future, and that this change could happen within a decade. He said he believes Bitcoin will surpass gold in the next 8 to 10 years. James stated that Bitcoin’s advantages over gold are verifiable. Therefore, he noted that there are many people who are concerned about paper and manipulation, but Bitcoin’s situation is easily verifiable.

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