Getir’s Global Expansion Plans Accelerate with $555 Million Investment

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Getir, Turkey’s second unicorn, continues to receive investments. With an investment of 555 million dollars, Getir’s value increased to 7 billion 555 million dollars. It aims to enter the German, French and American markets in the coming period. Getir completed its third investment round with $300 million in March and entered the unicorn list. Getir, which completed its fourth investment round two months later, reached a valuation of 7 billion 555 million dollars with a new investment of 555 million dollars.

“We will continue to popularize the two-syllable Turkish word”

Getir Founder Naz─▒m Salur said, “Getir’s reaching this value shows how an original idea such as 10-minute delivery can create interest in the world when blended with technology. This is actually an indication that new technological business models can emerge from Turkey. With the new resource, both companies in Turkey “We will continue to grow our business faster and make this two-syllable Turkish word popular in new countries,” he said.

It Will Reach 6 Countries By The End Of The Year

Getir, currently serving in Turkey, England and the Netherlands, will start its operations in Paris and Berlin in June. Aiming to enter the American market in the last quarter of the year, Getir will thus reach 6 countries by the end of the year and will continue to set the standards of the market it founded in the countries it has just entered.

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