Will Hyundai IONIQ 6 Be Able To Challenge Tesla?

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Another electric vehicle this week came from Korean manufacturer Hyundai. Besides 5, which has no resemblance other than the similarity of name and can be considered as two members of the Ioniq family, 6, which seems quite innovative, is also successful like its award-winning classmate.

Although it has serious similarities with some models in terms of design, it is an attractive and striking car. We will continue to see new models under the name “IONIQ”. For example, IONIQ 7 will come in the SUV segment. Going back to the Ioniq 6, it seems quite efficient on paper with a range of 519 km and a drag coefficient of 0.21 cD. Its curved design, solid stop group and spoiler show that it is a very different design. Ioniq 6, which is shown as a rival to Tesla in many comparisons abroad, is produced with the E-GMP platform and has also been developed in accordance with Hyundai’s Electrified Streamliner (Aerodynamic Electric) product range. Hyundai Assan General Manager Murat Berkel said, “Today’s trend is electric cars.

As the Hyundai brand, we are leading the change by making significant investments in this direction. Today, the number of electric models in the world has exceeded 500 and continues to increase every year. As the Hyundai group, we will introduce more than 30 electric models by 2030 and aim to increase our sales volume to 3.5 million units. Our goal is to become one of the top 3 electric car manufacturers in the world within 10 years.

The transition to electrification continues at full speed in Turkey, and we offer consumers a unique mobility experience with our 3 different fully electric models. Next year, we aim to increase both our EV market share and our claim in the sector by adding IONIQ 7 to our product range. “Our greatest desire is to be one of the first electric brands that come to mind with every new EV model,” he said.

Plant Based Door Paint Carpet From Waste Fishing Net

On the other hand, there are also developments in sustainability. Designers use recycled materials, from end-of-life tires to coatings. Completely sustainable materials were used, including pigment paint and some parts of the interior. Bio paint obtained from vegetable oils and recycled waste materials were used for the doors. In the carpets of IONIQ 6, waste fishing nets were used.

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