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Razor-sharp collars, fabrics without a single wrinkle… What if we say that ironed clothes, which have been the constant rule of our wardrobes for a long time, are not as popular as they used to be? Yes, wrinkled clothes, which have not been seen more often lately, may be the harbinger of a new trend. Last week, many unforgettable moments were engraved in our memories at Paris Fashion Week and we met trends that heralded the future. One of them was winking at an unexpected new trend: Wrinkles.

Founded by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in 2006, The Row showcased crumpled cotton pieces that looked like sheets, while Burberry had made room for wrinkled dresses. With Kate Moss walking on the runway, the Boottega Veneta show, which suddenly became a star, also made room for wrinkles with leather pants with pronounced wrinkles. Prada also said “I’m in the wrinkles” with some pieces in the collection, which extends to short shift dresses and midi skirts.

Of course, all this was not a coincidence. Prada co-designer Raf Simons told The Observer that wrinkles are “error movements” designed to replicate “parts that have a lifespan.” Making room for wrinkles is interpreted in a post-pandemic world as moves that align with wider change in fashion, far from brilliant perfection, and embracing all reality. The Guardian, on the other hand, includes the statements of Gary Armstrong, fashion director of the sports and fashion magazine Circle Zero Eight, that he calls ironing a “waste of time”. According to Armstrong, the foundations of the change partially extend to the pandemic, “People have gotten used to being more comfortable in their clothes. They really don’t want to feel like they’re coked,” she explains.

After several difficult years of battling the climate crisis and the pandemic, shelving irons seems like a good option to save time and energy, too. Of course, wrinkles are not suitable for all brands and for everyone, but we can say that you should not be too obsessed with wrinkles in the coming days.

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