New Feature From Whatsapp: Control Panel Is Coming To Video Messages

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New feature from WhatsApp: Control panel is coming to video messages
WhatsApp recently launched the video messaging feature. The platform is testing a control panel for users who do not want to use the feature.

WhatsApp announced in the past weeks that it has opened the video message feature for users. With video messages, you could record what you had to say and show in 60 seconds and respond to conversations.

With the latest updates of WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS it is now possible to manage the ability to share instant video messages.

Previously, it was not possible to disable this feature as it is enabled by default. However, thanks to the new function, users now have control over this feature and can disable it if they wish. With this toggle, WhatsApp gives users the option to disable this feature entirely, while also giving them the ability to continue receiving video messages.

While it is noted that the feature is currently being tested by beta users on iOS and Android devices, it is stated that it will be available to even more people in the near future.

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