Apple’s Collision Detection Continues To Save Lives

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Thanks to the Collision Detection feature, Apple saved the life of a person who had a traffic accident. The victim, whose condition was stabilized thanks to the feature that reported the accident to the emergency teams, was saved by being transferred to a hospital in Milwaukee.

The Collision Detection feature of the Apple Watch saved a person’s life in an incident shared by the Kansasville Fire and Rescue Department. In a car accident that occurred around 4 a.m. in Kansasville, Wisconsin, the driver’s Apple Watch automatically made an emergency 911 call, notifying first responders immediately.

Emergency crews were able to stabilize the vehicle, assist the person involved in the accident and begin the rescue work, which was successfully completed. He was stabilized and airlifted to Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee by Fight for Life.

It also shared the exact location of the Apple Watch drive with the recovery team. This feature, which enabled the vehicle to be found, which was far from the accident site and difficult to detect due to bad weather conditions, saved a person’s life.

“Wouldn’t Have Been Found For At Least Two More Hours”

Ronald Molnar, chief of the Kansasville Fire and Rescue Department, said: “Due to the darkness and the distance to the road, the vehicle probably wouldn’t have been found for at least two more hours without the Apple Watch. Amazing technology that has clearly impacted a person’s life.” said.

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