18 Years Old Became A Millionaire For A Day

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An 18-year-old young man who checked his bank account could not believe his eyes when he saw that a thousand times more of the money he deposited had been transferred to his account. A young man named Dane Gillespie, who lives in Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland, deposited the 8,900 pound check he received from his grandmother into his own bank account. According to the news in the Mirror newspaper, an 18-year-old young man checked his account balance and saw that 8.9 million (approximately 330 million TL) sterling had been transferred to his account as a result of a banking error.

He Wanted To Buy A Porsche, But His Mother Prevented Him

The young man sent a screenshot of his account balance to his mother and said, “I will order a Porsche” in his message. His mother replied to her son’s message: “Don’t be ridiculous, it’s not our money, we need to handle it.”

Regarding what happened, mother Caroline Gillespie said, “We couldn’t believe it. My son thought he was a millionaire for a few hours. Fortunately, he told us so he couldn’t spend the money.” The 18-year-old young man’s adventure of becoming a millionaire lasted one day after the error was corrected.

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