Oxfam Report: More Taxes Should Be Collected From The Biggest Polluters

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In the report of the international aid organization Oxfam, it was stated that “fair taxation” should be implemented in the fight against climate change in the UK and called for “more taxes” to be collected from those who pollute the environment the most. The report titled “Delayed Payment, Fair Ways to Make Polluters Pay for Climate Justice in the UK” was published by Oxfam.

The report emphasized that the decisions taken today regarding the expenditures to be made in the fight against the climate crisis will have repercussions for decades to come, and pointed out that it is the poor who suffer the consequences of inaction in the UK and globally against the climate crisis.

Billionaires Accumulate More Wealth

The report emphasized that by targeting those most responsible for emissions, the British government could quickly and fairly raise significant funds to combat climate change, while also preventing the responsibility from falling disproportionately on households that cause fewer emissions.

In this context, the report points out the need to impose a permanent excess profit tax on fossil fuel producers, redirect fossil fuel producer subsidies, and fairly tax frequent flyers and high-emission luxury travel, and the following is noted:

“Public finance is a critical lifeline for communities on the front lines of the climate crisis, but aid budgets are increasingly shrinking to meet growing needs. Meanwhile, billionaires are accumulating more wealth and fossil fuel producers are making record profits. Overall, the UK is expected to be hit by 2022.” “We estimate that by not making polluters and the richest in our society pay, you may have missed out on £23.1 billion for climate action. This is more than twice the amount the British government has committed to spending on major international climate finance in the five years to 2026.”

The report stated that fossil fuel companies, rich countries and individuals are disproportionately responsible for the climate crisis, but they have not paid the price for the consequences of this crisis for decades.

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