A March Was Held Against Racism And Police Violence In France

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Marches were held in different cities of France against racism and police violence. Marches were held in different cities across the country with the call of more than 100 institutions, including labor unions and political parties. During the march, racism and police violence in the country were protested. The demonstration, which started at the Gare du Nord in Paris, ended in Clichy Square. Yellow vest supporters, Unyielding France (LFI) party MP Rachel Keke and Assa Traore, the sister of Adama Traore, who died in a gendarmerie vehicle in 2016, also attended the demonstration, where thousands of people marched.

Activists called for an end to police violence and racism and also demanded the protection of public freedoms. Activists carried banners saying “Refugees, Muslims, Roma and those without residence documents are not extra. What is extra is racism”, “Stop racism and police violence” and photographs of citizens who lost their lives in incidents involving the police in France.

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