Cryptocurrency Awareness Reached 99 Percent in Turkey

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Awareness of cryptocurrency reached 99 percent, according to a study conducted this year. Turkey-based cryptocurrency trading platform Paribu announced the results of the “Cryptocurrency Awareness and Perception Research” conducted with the support of FutureBright Group. According to the research, the rate of people who have heard of crypto money was determined as 99 percent. In addition, the rate of people transacting with cryptocurrencies doubled compared to last year, reaching 25.1 percent.

The preferences of traders are especially focused on Bitcoin. While 60 percent of traders preferred Bitcoin, short-term trading transactions stood out among the purposes of using crypto money. Another striking result of the research was that 52 percent of those who transacted with crypto money did their research through cryptocurrency platforms. Neighborhood recommendations and internet research are also frequently preferred as research sources.

Interest in domestic cryptocurrency platforms has also increased. The rate of those who prefer domestic platforms, which was 51 percent last year, increased to 64 percent this year. In addition, the rate of preference for cryptocurrencies as an investment instrument increased by 29 percent, while real estate became the most preferred investment instrument with 30 percent. 49 percent of those who have heard of cryptocurrency and 75 percent of those who have traded see it as a reliable investment tool. However, real estate is still at the top of the reliability ranking with 82 percent.

Additionally, satisfaction levels with cryptocurrency transactions have also increased. While 86 percent of the participants stated that they were satisfied with the transaction experience, 81 percent stated that they found it easy to trade. When examined demographically, it was seen that women who heard about crypto money were more interested in making transactions than men. While 29 percent of women made cryptocurrency transactions, this rate of men remained at 23 percent.

Evaluating the research results, Paribu CEO Yasin Oral stated that the awareness and usage rate of crypto money is increasing every year and the expectations in the sector are becoming clearer. Oral also predicted that blockchain and other technological concepts, as well as cryptocurrencies, will gain greater awareness in the coming years.

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