Alfa Romeo’s V6 Will Survive!

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The original Euro 7 rules had serious repercussions and criticism in the industry. These restrictions, which were completely opposed by the automotive industry, would increase costs and actually hinder the targeted “zero emission” transformation. After long discussions, the European Union backed down from this decision.

The new Euro 7 rules announced will only apply to buses and heavy commercial models. This means that all Euro 6 compliant internal combustion engines today will survive. Asked for his views on the decision, Alfa Romeo CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato heralded that the iconic V6 engine of the Quadrifoglio models will survive. Speaking to the Autocar team, the Alfa manager stated that the 2.9-liter engine will survive: “The short answer is yes. Because we expect the Euro 7 rules to be passed by the commission within the year. We want to do things in accordance with the new regulation.”

Euro 7 standards, if passed, will be valid as of 2025. This engine, which was used at the top of Alfa Romeo’s Giulia and Stelvio models, also appeared in a different version in the 33 Stradale. Imparato also gave hints that this engine could be used in other models in the future. For now, the industry seems to be behind this new regulation. As automobile enthusiasts, we can’t wait to experience the last era of internal combustion engines with the engines we love.

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