Nissan Introduced Its Concept Called Hyper Urban

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Nissan is unveiling a range of exciting all-electric concept vehicles ahead of the Japan Auto Show in Tokyo later this month. The first of these will be the digitally introduced Nissan Hyper Urban Crossover concept. The vehicle promotion series, which will continue in the digital environment until the press day on October 25, includes the word ‘Hyper’ to increase the excitement effect. As part of the promotions, announcements will be made on October 10, 17 and 19. Each concept is represented by a symbolic character and has individually designed features that add value to unique lifestyles and different needs. The concepts help customers make a positive impact on the planet without sacrificing style or fun.

Nissan Hyper Urban will also be fully intertwined with the EV ecosystem with its impressive V2H (vehicle-to-home) functionality to power the home, saving significant energy costs and reducing the load on the electrical grid. Thanks to V2G (vehicle-to-grid) capability, vehicle owners will be able to transfer excess energy to the grid to support communities and make money in the process. The Smart Charging Management System has an artificial intelligence feature that can charge vehicles autonomously, transfer energy to buildings and manage energy efficiently.

The concept also applies sustainability to the vehicle lifecycle. This makes it ideal for people who appreciate everything they have in the long term. Hardware updates and regular software updates bring a new ownership experience for many years to come. For example, the interior can be updated with a new dashboard graphic that reflects the latest technologies and trends in the user interface.

The vehicle represents the future design and technological capabilities of Nissan’s electric products. The lemon yellow color of the body changes chromatically depending on the angle at which the light hits it. Thus, while the vehicle attracts a lot of attention in its environment, it also adapts to the environment. Front and rear wing-type doors provide a sense of space and originality, while the sporty silhouette provides aerodynamic perfection for greater efficiency. While wide tires complete the sporty look, they also evoke superior dynamics with urban aesthetics.

The interior was designed to harmonize with urban living spaces. Inspired by ever-changing triangles, the dashboard and screen can be customized according to the user’s mood. Additionally, the front seats and rear seats can be folded. Thus, a special relaxation area similar to a sofa can be created. Nissan Hyper Urban perfectly blends relaxation and convenience as a way to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The user can park anywhere and use the vehicle’s interior to relax and unwind.

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