Construction Of A Bronze Statue Honoring Kabosu In Japan

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Dogecoin enthusiasts in Japan have come together to raise funds for the construction of a bronze statue honoring Kabosu, the iconic Shiba Inu dog from the famous Doge meme. In a statement released by the Dogecoin Foundation, a crowdfunding campaign was initiated in early November 2022 with the goal of erecting a statue of Kabosu. Remarkably, the initial target of $42,069 was achieved within a mere 72 hours. However, the project faced a setback due to the FTX incident and a sudden decline in the cryptocurrency market, causing the collected funds to dip below the intended target.

The unveiling of the statue had originally been scheduled for November 2, which would have marked Kabosu’s 18th birthday. The statue is set to be placed in Sakura Furusato Square, a location frequently visited by Kabosu for walks. “For over two years, we’ve been promoting Doge and taking it to places from Hollywood to space,” shared three members of the PleasrDAO group in an email to CoinDesk.

PleasrDAO, known for acquiring luxury NFTs and establishing charitable communities like “Own the Doge,” aims to create an online hub for Dogecoin and meme enthusiasts. Tridog, a representative from the group, expressed their objective as follows: “Our goal is to create an online meeting point for Doge and meme lovers.”

The group even harbors aspirations of one day installing a statue of Kabosu on the moon. During the statue’s unveiling, there are plans for events where participants can win prizes based on the quantity of NFTs they possess.

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